Upgrade Support for Oracle Database and

Ben Morris 30-Jan-2024 15:53:24

It is essential for Oracle EBS customers to operate on a database that receives Error Correction Support (ECS). The Extended Support for Oracle Database concluded in July 2022, while Oracle Database reached its end in December 2020. For all EBS R12.2 and R12.1 users who are currently using Oracle Database or, we highly recommend upgrading to the latest Oracle Database 19c. It is a crucial step to ensure optimal performance and support for your E-Business Suite.

Oracle Database releases and are currently supported under the Upgrade Support programme, which has replaced the Market Driven Support (MDS) programme. To access any new patches for these database releases, it is important to subscribe to the Upgrade Support program offered by Oracle Customer Success Services (CSS). 

Database Releases and Support Timelines

Upgrade Support for Oracle Database and

If you do not have Upgrade Support but still need to use your or databases, we highly recommend that you contact us today and one of our Oracle EBS experts will be in touch with you shortly.