UKOUG - The best at Oracle – Voted by you!

Jon Cowling 06-May-2016 17:11:50

UKOUG – The best at Oracle – Voted by you!

Awards – we just can’t stop winning them. This year, once again, we’ve won a number of UKOUG awards in the following categories:

- financial services

- communications, media and utilities

- transport and logistics

The best thing about these awards is that they are voted by the user community so it means a lot to us that we are recognised for all the hard work we put into ensuring our customers get the most out of their Oracle investment.

Here’s how we helped a Financial Services company:

One of DSP’s longest standing clients is a large Hedge Fund with over $1.13 billion worth of assets. With $1.13 billion at stake, the traders at the Hedge Fund needed to make sure that any simulated trades were accurate and that were done as quickly as possible. DSP ensured the trading and risk management systems were available, fast enough, and secure and most importantly quantified to our customer on a monthly basis via Service Level Reporting. Over the previous 12 months DSP has met its Service Level Agreement. With the databases now running at the optimal level, the traders could confidently simulate trades, make accurate forecasts of the market sectors they traded in, do real time analysis of the trades taking place and create reports a lot quicker than before. The benefit to the client was that they could act more quickly to the market’s movements, could attract more clients as they are generating more revenue. C

Just so you know…

We’re always running workshops to help companies explore the various options available to them before they decide on the right technology investments for them – Click here to view upcoming events.