SQL Server 2012 End of Support: What are your options?

Isabel Clifton 06-Apr-2022 10:32:20

SQL Server 2012 will soon enter End of Support and Microsoft will no longer provide security updates to users. If you're currently using SQL Server 2012, now is the time to choose the modernisation path that's right for you, in order to prevent putting your infrastructure at risk.

As a leading Microsoft Gold partner, we are here to help you consider your infrastructure options and how best to modernise your database. This blog takes a look at what End of Support means for your business and what possibilities are available to you. 


What is End of Support?

End of support, also referred to as "end of life", occurs when a database version is at the end of its lifecycle, and the vendor stops providing services. In this case, SQL Server 2012 is at the end of its lifecycle and will no longer be supported by Microsoft from 12th July 2022. 

Microsoft announce this date in advance, in order to give customers time to prepare for changes, preventing exposure to errors and vulnerabilities.


What are your options?

Remain on SQL Server 2012

It goes without saying that we don't recommend this. Keeping your business-critical infrastructure on an unsupported and unreliable database can leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks and you're unlikely to meet regulatory compliance requirements. It still, technically, remains an option as SQL Server 2012 will not cease to function altogether; however, if you encounter a vulnerability or error, Microsoft will not be able to help.

Extended Security Updates

Microsoft are offering SQL Server 2012 customers up to 3 years of extended security updates (ESU). If you want to remain on SQL Server 2012 this will provide you with information but not support. This is a good option for customers planning to move away from SQL Server 2012 eventually, but won't be able to do so before the end of support date. 

Upgrade to SQL Server 2019

If you want to remain on-premise, migrating to SQL Server 2019 offers you a modern and versatile supplemental database infrastructure. This is fully supported with an extended end date of January 2030, providing you with plenty of time before the next upgrade cycle.

Migrate to Microsoft Azure

Take this as an opportunity to explore cloud computing by moving your database to Microsoft Azure. For those customers wanting to migrate to cloud, Microsoft are offering Extended Security Updates, mentioned above, for free in tandem with a migration to Azure. SQL Server 2012 customers can also use existing on-premise licenses in combination with a move to Azure Hybrid Benefit at no extra cost.


How can DSP-Explorer help?

If you would like to examine your available options in more detail, we are covering everything in our webinar for SQL Server 2012 users. We also focus on the efficient modernisation of your database infrastructure. Our webinar will include a live Q&A to answer any questions you may have. Register to reserve your place.

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