DSP and Explorer UK become DSP-Explorer

Vic Milne Feb 3, 2021 10:00:00 AM

DSP and Explorer UK become DSP-Explorer




DSP-Explorer-logo-full-colour-400Since the acquisition of Explorer UK in August 2020, DSP has been executing a carefully designed integration process to seamlessly combine the unique strengths of each organisation. With this process now complete, and ahead of schedule, the DSP board has agreed that the time is right to merge these two successful brands, with the result that DSP and Explorer UK will become one company, trading as DSP-Explorer.

DSP-Explorer will continue to operate 24x7x365, retaining its presence across the UK with office locations in London, Leeds, Nottingham and Basingstoke. With over 100 employees and 500 clients, it is the recognised market leader for enterprise-grade database and cloud managed services built on Oracle and Microsoft technologies. DSP recently announced its financial results for 2020 which showed 69% growth in EBITDA and contract revenue growth of 50%.


Simon Goodenough, CEO of DSP-Explorer, explained:

“Post-acquisition it was always our intention to fully merge the two businesses, giving us the right platform to exploit the huge number of opportunities available. Practically speaking it was also the best way to offer our clients the benefits of the pooled knowledge created throughout our combined 45 years in IT. Both DSP and Explorer had global reputations for Oracle excellence, whilst DSP were also very well known throughout the Microsoft channel, so it made sense for us to ensure the merged organisation represented this reality. Despite the clear challenges facing us all at present, everyone in the business is very excited about the future and supportive of the investments we are making.”


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