Oracle IaaS and PaaS Forum: Predictable Price and Performance

Vic Milne 13-May-2019 12:55:38

Oracle EMEA IaaS & PaaS Partner Community Forum: Predictable Performance Across the Compute Spectrum

It’s funny how a combination of three or four conversations can bring a few topics together and make them resonate.  One of the things that Oracle likes to shout about (quite rightly) is the low cost of its Public Cloud offering combined with its mantra of predictable performance.


Price AND Performance

These two elements could actually be seen as completely separate; however they would be redundant if they weren’t together.  By that I mean there is no point in having super cheap computing if the performance was completely unpredictable.  Likewise, why should predictable performance come at a massive premium?

Oracle has brought low cost compute together with predictable performance to enable a platform that is identical to what customers expect from their on-premises infrastructure.  Would you ever buy a server with the expectation of having to put extra £1 coins in it to get the performance you deserve?  Oracle doesn’t think so, which is why it’s designed its Public Cloud offering around these principles.  This is what Oracle talk about when they say their platform is ‘Enterprise Ready’.



Then we come to ‘HPC’ or High Performance Compute.  High Performance Compute requires massive capital expenditure and one in which you need the platform to have a guaranteed level of performance.  There is no point in having the best CPUs in the world if your network and storage can’t cope.

If you’re bringing together HPC into a Public Cloud Platform it eliminates the barriers to entry from what would be a huge initial capital investment on-premises.  But Oracle has also brought performance SLAs, high performance storage and network to the service offering as well.  Therefore the price of what you see for HPC is the price you pay, with no grey areas around the performance.

So we have everything from low cost compute to high performance compute all wrapped around a platform that gives you predictable performance.  It doesn’t matter what end of the compute spectrum you’re at with Oracle Public Cloud; Oracle see performance as non-negotiable and they have the SLA to prove it.

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