Our Best Blog Posts From 2014

Jon Cowling 11-Feb-2016 10:27:00

The Best Posts From Our Blog in 2014

We hope you have enjoyed reading the content that we’ve shared this year.

As 2014 draws to a close, here is a look back at our favourite blog articles of the year; including advantages of outsourcing, project management techniques and common roles of database administrators:


1. The Cost Benefit of Using a Managed DBA Service - Click here to read.

An article outlining the costs that are saved from outsourcing database administration services as well as the time that can be spent on more pressing activities such as new projects and business initiatives.


2. 4 Myths of Moving your SQL Servers to the Cloud - Click here to read.

This article is a look at some of the common excuses that accompany enquiries we receive about Cloud migration.


3. The Benefits of Outsourcing Consultancy - Click here to read.

A list of reasons why expert consultancy is often better to outsource rather than rely on in-house.


4. The 10 Rules of IT Project Management - Click here to read.

A useful and informative article which lists ten essential characteristics of a successful project management process.


5. The Key Responsibilities of a Database Administrator - Click here to read.

This article explores 10 facets of the role of a DBA and the day-to-day duties they might carry out.


6. 10 Important Principles of Agile Development Methodology - Click here to read.

A look at the Agile Manifesto and the ten key values which characterise an effective software development project.


7. Are you Ready for the Next Stage of your EBS Systems? - Click here to read.

With Oracle’s Severity 1 Production Support Exception for Oracle E-Business Suite 11i10 set to end at the close of 2015, this article takes a look at what lies in store for users.


8. Enter the Cloud: Approaches to Modernising Your Business - Click here to read.

The importance of Cloud computing technology with security, privacy and backing up data.


9. Why Infrastructure Providers Choose to Partner with DSP - Click here to read.

This article looks at some of the benefits involved when you start working with us!

10. How to Waste Money on Microsoft and Oracle Database Licensing - Click here to read.

Upgrading Oracle Database software can be costly. This article looks at how you can save money by reducing the number of required downloads.