Oracle Licensing and Pricing Webinar

wpdsp 18-Feb-2016 13:22:20

This short interactive webinar aims to help you understand the principles of Oracle's licensing policies, along with highlighting some of the areas you need to be aware of when reviewing your licence requirement. In addition, we will focus on the important changes in relation to the newly released Standard Edition 2 product.

With the end of life of Standard Edition and Standard Edition One, there are a number of challenges and complexities both with regard to existing customers and new implementations that this webinar will aim to give you the correct information.

Furthermore, we will include a section on the cloud licence models – with specific emphasis on the difference between metered and non-metered cloud services, along with the process from start to finish for cloud services transactions.

  • Are you confused by Oracle licensing policies?
  • Are you keen to reduce your licensing costs?
  • Do you want to ensure they are fully compliant?
  • Are you concerned about licensing implications in multi-core, virtualised or hosting environments?
  • Do you want to build your knowledge and your companies confidence?

There is an interactive Q&A session at the end, for your to ask about real life scenarios.