Oracle EBS Archive Managed Service: Simplify Your Data Management

Ben Morris 27-Oct-2023 13:54:30
Oracle EBS Archive Managed Service: Simplify Your Data Management

Efficiently managing data has become crucial for organisations in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. With the ever-increasing volumes of data being generated and stored, it is imperative to implement effective data management strategies to ensure optimal system performance and compliance. This is where DSP’s Oracle EBS Archive Managed Service helps, providing organisations with the necessary tools to simplify their data management processes and navigate the complexities of data archiving.


The Importance of Data Archiving

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is the vital foundation for many organisations, safeguarding a vast array of critical data ranging from financial transactions to customer information. However, as time passes, data accumulates, leading to performance challenges and escalating storage expenses. Furthermore, organisations will be bound by legislation that states they need to hold certain data for a minimum period before it can be deleted.

This is where the concept of data archiving becomes invaluable. Data archiving entails systematically transferring older, less frequently accessed data from the live production environment to a separate, secure repository. This process enables organisations to liberate valuable storage space within their Oracle EBS databases, ultimately enhancing system performance and responsiveness. It is important to note that businesses archive data not only to improve performance and efficiencies but also because organisations moving away from Oracle and onto another platform. It’s not always possible to migrate all of an organisation's data, therefore, a suitable archive solution is required. Additionally, integrating an Oracle APEX front end with your existing Oracle EBS solution is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your system's user experience and functionality. Oracle APEX is a low-code development platform that allows you to create web applications and interfaces with ease.

The Benefits of Using DSP's Oracle EBS Archive Managed Service

DSP's Oracle EBS Archive Managed Service provides a comprehensive solution for organisations looking to streamline their EBS data archiving processes. Our Oracle EBS Managed Service covers every aspect of data archiving, from evaluating the data landscape to implementing the archiving strategy and providing ongoing maintenance. One of the key advantages of utilising DSP's Oracle EBS Archive Managed Service is the elimination of database bloat.

Organisations can greatly enhance their database performance by transferring historical and infrequently accessed data to a separate repository. This results in quicker query responses and enhanced user experiences, particularly for crucial business functions that require real-time data access. Furthermore, archiving data can lead to substantial cost savings. As organisations avoid the need to expand their database storage infrastructure continually, they can redirect resources toward more strategic initiatives. Data archiving can also simplify database backups, as the archived data is stored separately from the production environment.

The Implementation of Data Archiving

The implementation of data archiving is a meticulous process that requires careful planning and execution. DSP's Oracle EBS Archive Managed Service goes beyond just providing a solution – it involves collaborating with organisations to assess their data landscape thoroughly, identify which data can be archived, and establish retention policies. This collaborative approach ensures that the archiving strategy perfectly aligns with the organisation's specific needs and compliance requirements. Implementing an Oracle APEX front end as part of DSP's Oracle Archive Managed Service brings several advantages. It allows organisations to access archived data in a user-friendly, web-based interface, making historical data retrieval quick and efficient.

DSP's Oracle EBS Archive Managed Service also offers continuous monitoring and maintenance. As data continues to accumulate, the archiving strategy may require adjustments. Our team of experts is readily available to assist organisations in refining their archiving strategy, guaranteeing data integrity, and providing support for any challenges that may arise.


In summary, Oracle EBS Archive Managed Services provides organisations with a comprehensive solution to streamline their Oracle EBS data management processes. Organisations can optimise their Oracle EBS databases by implementing effective data archiving strategies and enhancing system performance whilst meeting regulatory requirements. Also, adding an Oracle APEX front-end to Oracle EBS enables organisations to create modern, user-friendly web applications and enhance user experience. With the expertise of DSP, organisations can effortlessly navigate the complexities of Oracle EBS data archiving and unlock the advantages of efficient data management.

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