"Self Managing Databases: Fable, Fantasy or the Future"

Jon Cowling 16-Nov-2017 10:45:38

Lunch and roundtable discussion

DSP-Explorer will be hosting Oracle users, professionals and employees at a business lunch at Darbaar Restaurant to discuss the impact of AI in the world of Database Infrastructures. In particular we'll be discussing Oracle 18c, and what it means for our industry. Is it bad news for DBAs, does it drive down the costs of migration to the Oracle Cloud, does it open up more opportunities for internal IT teams to focus on innovation. Or is it just simply fantastic PR. This is an opportunity to network with professionals in similar situations to yourself while gaining crucial insight into data platform modernisation and Oracle cloud.

Sample discussion areas include:

  • "Self Driving" Database Architectures"
  • Sensible management of Oracle Licensing in the Cloud.
  • Creating a Database Cloud Roadmap
  • Oracle Cloud v Amazon v MS Azure
  • Cloud-on-premise, an oxymoron or a panacea for legacy applications?
  • Shift changes required in the role of the DBA.

This event is aimed primarily at ITMs, ITDs, CTOs & CIOs but will be of great benefit to anyone with an interest in the evolution of Database-as-a-Service and Oracle's plans for the future.

We look forward to seeing you.