One Year at dsp – From Apprentice to Permanent Part of The Team

Jon Cowling 11-Feb-2016 16:32:20

One Year at dsp – From Apprentice to Permanent Part of The Team

Our very first apprentice has completed his first year at dsp and we are all very proud to say he is now a permanent member of our team and a real part of the dsp family. Here is his reflection upon the last year:

“A year has passed since I joined dsp and it has honestly been one of the best years of my life. Before I joined the company I was going to college and didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life, but this job has given me real direction and drive. That is why I would like to thank everyone who has personally helped me in this journey from being an apprentice within the Managed Services team to a permanent member of dsp staff.

Marcus has been one of the best mentors I’ve had in my life and a real role model to look up to. I always trust his judgement and never question his decisions because I know he’s most likely thought of every outcome already. I count myself extremely lucky to have someone like him as my friend and colleague.

Tom has been like a big brother to me ever since I started, from day one he’s always been patient, helpful and understanding while I caught up to speed with work on the Service Desk. I always feel like I can relate to Tom and I know he’s always got everyone’s best interest in heart. A true friend and a great colleague to work with.

Chetan, a beautiful and intelligent young woman I’m glad to have met. When I first started she has always made me feel comfortable and every conversation I’ve ever had with her has been interesting. I’m glad I can truly call her a friend and I feel blessed that I’ve got to have known her.

I would also like to thank everyone else especially the directors because without them I wouldn’t have got to meet all the wonderful people I’ve come to cherish on a day to day basis.

Who knew work could be so fun.

Cheers everyone, thanks for the best first year of my adult life.