Journey to Azure: 3 Steps to Kicking off Your Azure Migration

Vic Milne 21-May-2020 10:48:07

Journey to Azure with DSP-Explorer's Bitesize Scheme...

3 Steps to Kicking off Your Azure Migration


Cloud Computing has been hailed as the best way to modernise your environment for some time thanks to the flexibility and additional security it can offer. For many businesses, however, a large-scale migration to Cloud could be a daunting prospect – to get it right, the process must be done properly.

That’s why DSP-Explorer have created a 3-step-plan to allow business to test a small migration instance before committing to a large scale operation.

Head to for a full description, or read on for a brief introduction:


STEP 1: Azure Orientation Workshop

Attend a 1 day workshop to learn more about DSP-Explorer and have your burning technical questions answered.

We will discuss:

  • An overview of Azure, its capabilities and how it differs from other Public Clouds
  • All the information you need to make Business Intelligent decisions regarding Cloud technology
  • Answers to your commercial and technical questions

Digital versions of our presentations and resources will also be made available to share with your colleagues. We believe that transparency is crucial to operations as important as a Cloud migration being a success.


STEP 2: Bitesize Deployment as Proof of Value

To provide your business with Proof of Value, we will implement a bitesize instance of Azure for your organisation.

To produce this PoV we will:

  • Set up your chosen Azure Bitesize environment
  • Demonstrate functionality and performance in a Cloud environment
  • Test various back-up and DR scenarios

This process will grant you first-hand experience of your chosen option working in the Cloud, and help you decide the right way to step into a full-scale migration, should you wish to continue with the modernisation process.


STEP 3: Technical Support & Your Next Steps

Having deployed your bitesize instance of Azure, we will work with you to ensure that you feel confident in your move to Cloud and your organisation’s next steps.

  • Access to support for your Bitesize instance
  • Ability to raise support tickets and get your questions answered
  • Support in developing a roadmap for your organisation’s Microsoft Cloud strategy
  • Exploration of the benefits of wider Cloud migration and total cost of ownership


DSP-Explorer's Microsoft Azure Bitesize programme will ensure these and many more benefits. Then, when you’re ready, you know where to find us to undertake the full migration!