How To Integrate an EBS Service Into Your Operation

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 15:38:12

How To Integrate an EBS Service Into Your Operation

Oracle E-Business Suite can be immensely complex. Customisations and processes are typically embedded so deeply it is often difficult to see how a Managed Service can integrate into a Financial/HR Applications team.

However it can be done, and with great benefit!

The first benefit is cost. You’ll easily shave 50% off operational spend.

The second benefit is to free up your internal (and costly) resources for project and strategic work, as well as your own managerial time by sharing the management burden.
Benefits of an Application Support Services are clear and everyone generally accepts them.

But the main objection to using a Managed Service for E-Business Suite is due to the risk associated with outsourcing something so idiosyncratic and important to the business. Applications teams know how long it takes to on-board new staff, on-boarding a Managed Service will be a nightmare ... Or would it?

We have been working with E-Business Suite for around 14 years now, managing global operations and integrating our service into our clients’ global operations.

This has helped us (often the hard way) formalise a transition process to cover key Knowledge Transfer, Shadowing and environment, process and procedure discovery.

Transition to us is managed with project management principles, and we only ‘turn on’ the service, once significant time has been spend on both sides aligning the service to the operation.

Transition and the setting up of the service is single most important part of a successful E-Business Suite managed service.