Four Benefits of Outsourcing Oracle Managed Services

Jon Cowling 05-Feb-2016 14:12:35

Four Benefits of Outsourcing Oracle Managed Services

Today, with the explosion of data, companies are supporting more and more databases to meet the growing demands of their business, meaning they can be supporting hundreds if not thousands of databases.

Also IT organisations are constantly being pressured into delivering applications within months and sometimes weeks. Provisioning and administering these databases which are used for application development often remains a difficulty, creating bottle necks and slowing down the progress and innovation of an organisation.

Outsourcing the database administration can help overcome many of these challenges by supplementing the existing DBAs, performing the day-to-day maintenance and administration enabling businesses to focus on their business needs and objectives through innovation rather than being bogged down with technology challenges.

So here are 4 key benefits:

1. Lower Database Administration Cost

With the growing number of databases and the importance of 24*7 availability, an outsourcing service is more cost effective than hiring permanent DBAs. For a full price comparison read our previous blog here.

2. Improve Quality of Database Administration

Outsourcing database administration helps by automating processes, procedures, proactively monitoring systems, and applying best practices to ensure quality.

3. Help Focus on business issues

Outsourcing will complement existing staff, by offloading routine database administration tasks or providing support outside normal business hours for activities such as backup, recovery, tuning, upgrade, migration, integration, and installation, you can focus on what really makes you money. Allowing you to innovate, develop and create value keeping your business competitive.

4. Improve SLAs

These days most companies are striving for the elusive five nines (99.999%) uptime*, but often fail due to lack of skills, hardware complexity and application related issues. However Outsourcing can help improve SLAs through pro-active monitoring, automated processes and working to best practices.
*99.999% uptime means that throughout a year there will be less than five minutes of unscheduled down time. Compare to 99% which would mean over three and a half days of unscheduled downtime.