Oracle Cloud free 30-day trial – Database Backup

Jon Cowling Aug 19, 2016 12:24:37 PM

Oracle Cloud free 30-day trial – Database Backup

Oracle are offering a free 30-day trail for companies who wish to back up their data on Oracle’s Cloud Platform. This gives companies the opportunity to dip their ‘IT toes’ in the water and test the backup systems before fully committing to the Cloud. Could this be the best option for your organisation?

Companies from all industries have put more trust into the Cloud recently, this is due to the fact that they are testing small environments within it at first and then migrating their entire system once comfortable. With Oracle’s database backup in the Cloud, your data storage is secure, protected, fully elastic and easily accessible. It could be time to do some backup testing of your own.

There are three main pillars that make up Oracle’s database backup solution; Storage, data protection and data management.

  • Your data storage is of high importance, it’s in constant demand and use; therefore, you need to be able to ensure that if the need is there, you can increase the storage capacity on demand. This can be done by the click of a button in the Cloud which also gives you end to end security allowing you to encrypt backups at the source before transferring. Also, because your data is stored in designated geographic regions closest to your organisation, you can put your mind at ease knowing that it’s actually close by, meeting any laws and requirements that you may have to abide
  • Having secure protected data is next on the list of importance; Oracle’s backup and recovery solution has built in redundancy, easy encryption using RMAN, self-healing data monitoring and most of it it’s all cost effective so your backup isn’t costing more than your entire IT estate.
  • Finally, Oracle Cloud gives you the ease of personal data management, giving you full granular access control and granting access to users whom you see fit for permissions. There is also data expiration in place that automatically expires data that’s no longer needed, thus being more cost effective.

This free 30-day trial allows you to experience all that Oracle have to offer in terms of database backup; you will see and practice for yourself how easy it is to configure and perform backups in Oracle’s Cloud. It’s very easy to use and our database experts have experience in all things Cloud, they love it up there…allow them to help you back up your data in the Oracle Cloud.

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