Oracle Cloud free 30-day trial – Data Storage

Jon Cowling Aug 24, 2016 4:49:28 PM

Oracle Cloud free 30-day trial – Data Storage

Oracle are offering a free 30-day trail to companies who are looking for a storage option with complete control of their data, in the cloud. This opportunity allows organisations to test and experience the simplistic, user friendly storage application before fully committing to using Oracle’s Cloud.

Data security is number one on the list for database managers, they want to know if the data that is being accessed is secure, reliable and readily available, so that end users can use it from any environment that’s connected to the internet at any time.

Oracle’s storage solution allows end users to take complete control of their data; it provides capacity on demand storage which gives the option to instantly purchase and increase storage when needed, all by the click of a button. Application specific data is also collected throughout the database’s life span, providing large amounts of metadata for DBA’s to use when in reporting states. However not all organisations are the same, they all have their own storage requirements; Oracle storage in the cloud offers a number of different options. Hybrid, or ‘standard and archived’ storage being the most popular and commonly used, which is stored in geographic region specific cloud locations for regulatory and compliance.

Your data is precious; you must have producers in place and your protection must be high in order to ensure that you can access your data at any time, from anywhere. Oracle’s storage solution plans for the accidental loss of data, copying every piece of data three times to three different systems, ensuring a solid backup is in place. The data is encrypted on the client’s side, meaning it is protected and secure before leaving for the cloud. Once in Oracle’s cloud the data is constantly monitored so that older, less used data can go through the degradation process until it’s made redundant.

Having the ease of managing your data is the final piece to the puzzle; granular access control allows for the control of which individuals have access to certain files. The simplicity of adding and removing data that needs to be stored gives users a pleasant experience and also means that they can set expiration dates for groups of data that need to be deleted after a certain period of time. This is all met by Oracle’s Enterprise SLA’s, which are there to ensure that all data in the cloud is constantly available regardless of tier status.

Oracle’s Storage solution is brilliant for majority of organisations, and as long as you have an environment connected to the internet you can access your data anywhere. Our Oracle Storage Specialist have been working with Oracle databases for more than 25 years and know about all thing data. If you’ve been thinking about using the cloud for your storage solution, why not use our experts and take advantage of this free trial…get in touch.

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