Oracle announces OCI Database with PostgreSQL

Harriet Lewis Nov 16, 2023 1:24:05 PM

With a strong following in the open source community, it's no surprise that Oracle is keen to support PostgreSQL, but what does this mean for the wider relational database market? We highlight some of the key information here.

This announcement means that organisations can now harness the power of PostgreSQL in the Oracle Cloud, leveraging its advanced features and flexibility while benefiting from the scalability, performance, and security of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) without switching applications. This combination empowers developers and enterprises to build and deploy modern applications that are agile, performant, and secure, driving innovation and accelerating business outcomes.

This move also indicates the continued expansion of relational databases on OCI. Organisations can now run SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle (naturally!) in OCI, all of which (apart from SQL Server), are available as Platform as a Service (PaaS).  

The offerings seem competitively priced against one another, although SQL Server users will take a bit of a financial hit due to the Windows licenses they'll also require – but, overall, it still seems comparable: 

  • MySQL – 1 OCPU – 256GB: Estimated Monthly Cost - £51.68
  • PostgreSQL - 1 OCPU – 256GB: Estimated Monthly Cost - £143.79
  • Oracle SE – 1 OCPU – 256GB: Estimated Monthly Cost - £289.42
  • SQL Server Marketplace: Estimated Monthly Cost - £219.87 (with estimated SQL Server compute costs at £92.48 pcm)

This move potentially opens the door to further database engines to coexist with OCI, so watch this space for similar announcements in the future.  

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