Global Leaders - Autonomous Cloud Adoption

Phil Brown Jun 16, 2022 10:59:35 AM

On my way home from the Oracle Global Leaders - Autonomous meet-up in Slovenia, it was great to see and share many Oracle Cloud success stories. While the event was invitation-only there are actually publicly available resources on some of the great work that is being done; find out more...

There were three sessions which I thought were of particular interest and these were the use of ISVs developing SaaS applications on top of autonomous, both Cloud native (retraced and Cloudvane) and rearchitected for SaaS (Mastec).



Peter Merkert's session on his company retraced was really interesting. Retraced came through the Oracle Start-ups programme and provides sustainability management and transparency for the fashion industry. Their unique solutions champion some of the cutting-edge technologies available in OCI: Kubernetes, Blockchain and Autonomous. However more importantly it’s an application that is helping drive real change in the fashion industry. Their story is unique and I would recommend you check them out.



Cloudvane is another example of the Oracle Start-ups programme providing a FinOps-certified platform for multi-cloud consumption and billing. As the number of Cloud platforms preliterate for organisations, it’s only natural that the billing and consumption of those platforms become more complex, especially if you think some may be managed by IT and others by line of business. It’s now common for organisations not just to have multiple clouds but also multiple tenancies of those clouds. Independently each Cloud has the concept of ‘organisations’ to assist with multiple tenancies but working across multiple Clouds is more challenging.


Listening to Mark talk about the platform they created for optimizing manufacturing was fascinating, more information on that can be found here.

What’s interesting about the platform was the use of a multitude of technologies including the Oracle/Azure interconnect which is something I believe simplifies multi-cloud architectures. Their use of it has enabled them to pick and choose a complementary suite of technologies across Oracle and Azure to provide a single unified application platform. They are a demonstration of how organisations don’t need to choose to go for one Cloud or another weighing off the costs and benefits. That simplification which has enabled a best-of-breed approach is something I’m also keen to champion.


Overall, it was a fantastic couple of days and thank you once again to Reiner Zimmermann for hosting and Cetin Ozbutun for giving the opportunity to both customers and partners to share stories and experiences on Oracle Cloud and Autonomous technologies.

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