DSP-Explorer: What a Year for OCI - Part 1

Phil Brown Dec 15, 2021 9:43:11 AM

Oracle have finished 2021 with some strong results and at DSP-Explorer we have seen great growth within OCI. We’ve had a mixture of ISVs, new and existing, on-premises migrations, PoVs, Azure / Oracle interconnects, all of which have contributed to our success. The platform has continued to grow. The rollout of new features has continued and I wanted to use this blog to acknowledge some of the ones from the last 12 months. If you want to keep up to date with the changes then go here. There are SO many updates and you could argue that all of them are worthy, but here are my picks.

January 2021: Flexible VM Shapes

Flexible VM Shapes - Oracle Release Notes

Flexibility is key, but not at the cost of complexity. Oracle released flexible shapes in all commercial regions in January allowing customers to non-uniformly choose CPU and Memory allocation for their VMs. This also lowers the cost of computing with 1 OCPU, 4GB of RAM machine now costing around £16 per month. Combined with other OCI benefits, free connectivity, data egress free and other PaaS platforms also included, in the free tier you can do a lot for a relatively small amount.

February 2021: Data Safe for Non-OCI Targets

Data Safe for Non-OCI Targets - Oracle Release Notes

Data security and compliance is a topic which only grows in importance and relevance each year. Oracle have extended their Data Safe to cover on-premise databases, only making that challenge easier to manage. Don’t be in the dark about your data security, the tools are available even if you’re not using OCI.

March 2021: Golden Gate is Cloud Native

Golden Gate is Cloud Native - Oracle Release Notes

For me, the best thing about GGCS is that it is now more flexible regarding consumption. There are many times businesses want to use Golden Gate for a defined period rather than a perpetual requirement, now they can.

April 2021: Network Visualisation

Network Visualisation - Oracle Release Notes

Anything that makes networking easier is a good thing in my book. As the platform matures the more tools we need to manage it. Documents and diagrams are great but over a period of time, there is drift. Tools that visualise on the fly are a must.

May 2021: Console Refresh

Console Refresh - Oracle Release Notes

The UI for OCI is fantastic. Super easy to navigate and a logical collection of services, of AWS, GCP and Azure I find it the easiest to use. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself! 

June 2021: Oracle and Azure Interconnect Expanded

Oracle and Azure Interconnect - DSP-Explorer

DSP-Explorer have plumbed in the Oracle and Azure interconnect for several customers. I’m a big fan of how such a complicated requirement can be executed in 30 minutes via two cloud consoles, it’s impressive. The fact that this has been expanded and that it’s also an option for C@C makes me glad more customers are using this feature.

We will continue our 2021 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure recap next week with July - December, look out on our LinkedIn for Part 2...

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