dsp’s Microsoft Gold Partner Customer Service Results

Jon Cowling 11-Feb-2016 15:10:26

DSP’s Microsoft Gold Partner Customer Service Results


As a Microsoft Gold Partner each year we are required to get our customers to fill out a customer satisfaction survey.

At DSP we always do our best to give the customer the best service possible, but you never really know how happy they are unless you ask.

So we have received the feedback from our survey and we are really proud of our results.

We are well above the Global Partner benchmark for 4 out of the 6 categories with receiving a 100% for both ‘Recommendation’ and ‘Satisfaction’ and 86% for ‘Technical Competency of staff’ and ‘Ability to meet customer needs.’

The below answer from one of our customers highlights the lengths DSP go to make sure our customers received the highest level of service and satisfaction.


DSP have consistently bent over backwards to accommodate the (sometimes fluid) needs of our business, and provided us with a high quality of technical and analytical consultancy throughout”


It is this high level of service all our staff, from SQL and Oracle DBAs and Consultants to our support team through to sales and back office, that make DSP the award winning company they are.