DSP Solves Challenge Of Optimising Database Environments With Zero Downtime

Jon Cowling 02-Mar-2017 15:31:57

DSP Solves Challenge Of Optimising Database Environments With Zero Downtime

If only [….]

[Please insert your favourite piece of proactive advice into the blank, as I bet you have the scars from not following it...]

It’s an interesting concept proactivity. We all want to work proactively but, to put it simply, business-as-usual gets in the way. That’s why at DSP we have made proactivity our mantra – so that you can focus on your business.

It’s also true that businesses often fail to modernise their critical data systems for fear of disturbing them or due to the perceived risk that business will be interrupted. More often than not we see crucial activities such as patching & modernisation sacrificed for the advancement of functionality. However, allowing this change debt to accumulate only creates bigger pain and greater cost at a later date.

Using industry-based standards and automation tools, DSP has developed the 2CM platform, one crucial element of which is a Cloud-based patching and modernising engine that tests the success or otherwise of a patch or upgrade before it is applied to your business critical Production systems.

It’s simply not enough for organisations to implement service-level agreement and ‘hope for the best’. Instead, considering operational and continuity issues such cloud maintenance and platform upgrades will ensure a system that works for you – not against you.

2CM – Continuous Modernisation in the Cloud is fully automated, from obtaining the patch…to testing….to loading into Production. A well maintained, modernised platform also serves to protect organisations from cyber security attacks, a reality that affects businesses large and small.

DSP’s Chief Technology Officer, Simon Brooks says: “Here at DSP as part of our managed support services we understand the need to maintain the technologies that we support in peak condition and that means patching our customer’s technology stacks quickly and safely with no interruption to their business.”