DSP is now a G-Cloud supplier

Fin Carew 27-Jul-2017 11:08:53

DSP is now a G-Cloud supplier

DSP is now an official supplier for the government G-Cloud scheme, meaning our cloud hosting and cloud support services are trusted and reliable enough to be utilised by local authorities and public sector bodies. You can find DSP on the government list of trusted suppliers.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with G-Cloud (AKA The Government Cloud), it’s the name of a government programme that’s trying to redefine how the public sector procures and operates Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Part of this initiative is to create a portal or hub, known as The Digital Marketplace, which ICT companies can apply to be a part of. The government only allow trusted suppliers to be part of The Digital Marketplace.

Once a business is accepted, they are added to the list of suppliers, creating what is effectively a virtual catalogue where the public sector can browse for their ICT solutions. There are several categories to browse through, and these include:

  • Finding individual specialists
  • Finding a team to provide a specific outcome
  • Finding research participants
  • Finding research laboratories
  • Buying physical datacentre space
  • Locating cloud hosting and support services

We are listed to offer public sector bodies cloud hosting and support services. The scheme works by allowing public sector bodies to purchase standardised services from approved suppliers. This can drive down costs because it rules out signing up to a variety of contracts with differing terms and conditions.

We are proud to be among the approved organisations on G-Cloud and very pleased to support the UK Government’s initiative to encourage cloud-based systems in public bodies. To find out more about G-Cloud and to take a look at the Digital Marketplace, you can follow this link.