30% of ERP customisations are redundant!

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 14:49:06

30% of ERP customisations are redundant!

Recently one of our customers needed to upgrade their E-Business Suite environment to R12. They initially wanted a ‘lift and shift’ upgrade, where we would take the current EBS environment with all the customisations and enhancements and migrate it over to the latest version.

However dsp recommended that the customer should undertake a dsp Customisation Assessment (CEMLI) prior to the upgrade, firstly to allow the client to see the number of customisations and also so they can scope the project to get a more accurate picture of time and cost of the upgrade.

The dsp Customisation Assessment draws a line in the sand of the current system and highlights the potential problem areas and complications of the upgrade. What is different from our assessment and some of the automated scripts? Well we look at the business processes and apply intelligence to the reports. So instead of a list of customisations, we were able to tell our customer how many customisations they no longer use, or how the new functionality can change processes to reduce the number of customisations therefore reducing cost and time of the upgrade.

It turned out for our customer that 30% of their customisations were redundant and by removing these from the upgrade we managed to save them over 100 days on the project, a reduction of more than 20%.

It also reduced the cost of the upgrade by over 50% from the ‘lift and shift’ upgrade they initially wanted.

Furthermore the customer took on the recommendations from the assessment prior to the project and managed to reduce their BAU costs by improving business processes outlined in the report.

So if you are planning to upgrade your E-Business suite environment or you would like to know how to reduce the number of customisations and improve business process please do not hesitate to get in touch.