What is new in Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 12:09:01

What is new in Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 will be with us very shortly and for those who like to know what they could be gaining by upgrading their SQL estate here are a few improvements and features. Improvements in SQL 2014 include mission critical performance across all workloads, faster insights from any data and a platform for a hybrid cloud and many more. Below is just a few of the key features of SQL 2014;


In-Memory Built-in
Bringing performance gains of up to 50x, allowing you to push your platform further to keep up with future plans and growth.

Enhanced Security & Scalability
A completely scalable solution across compute, storage and network giving you the ability to grow knowing your platform will be able to meet the demands of the future. SQL databases are ranked the least vulnerable 5 years in a row.

High Availability
Higher availability with AlwaysOn, with simplified management and better availability giving you the 9’s you require.


Easy Access to Data
Search, access and shape internal and even external data to broaden insights

Powerful Insights
Speed up analysis and insight through the familiar Excel

Complete BI solution
SQL 2104 allows you to scale your BI models and enrich and keep your data secure and ensuring quality and accuracy.


Hybrid Cloud
Enable new hybrid scenarios such as cloud back up and cloud disaster recovery to reduce costs and on-premises business continuity, allowing you to meet corporate or legislative requirements with your data.

Easy On-Ramp to Cloud
Quickly and easily migrate and run SQL 2104 on Azure, bringing you all the great benefits of Microsoft Azure and the power of cloud.

Complete and Consistent
SQL is a complete data platform that allows on-premise and cloud using a consistent set of tools across the lifecycle

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