Learn how to best-of-breed and best-in-class Database and Cloud solutions are driving efficiencies within business.


SQL Database Managed Instance

Moving your SQL Server databases to Azure has never been more straightforward and economical.  Experience the simple migration of your databases to Azure and experience the rich SQL Server programming surface area in the cloud, with the operational and financial benefits of the intelligent, fully-managed Azure SQL Database.

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5 Ways to Choose the Best Database Cloud

Choosing to run your database in the cloud is one thing. Knowing which database cloud to choose presents and entirely different set of challenges - especially with so many big names in the market.

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Safeguard Your Mission-Critical Database Architecture

As the UK's leading Microsoft Gold and Oracle Platinum Partner, we understand that supporting mission-critical environments can be a extremely complex, time-intensive and costly challenge. That's why at dsp, we provide multi-layered solutions to support and manage your database environments through our range of data platform professional and managed services.

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Oracle Database Appliance: Protecting your Data

ODA has been recognised as time and cost-effective, providing extra features to protect data. In addition, an extensive range of custom and packaged online transaction processing (OLTP), in-memory databases and data warehousing applications. Hardware and software components are engineered and supported by Oracle with teams working tirelessly to build resilience and robustness into the system minimising downtime. 

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Oracle Cloud Benefits

In this day and age with cloud innovation at its peak, almost every organisation these days are looking for a creative way to gain a more competitive advantage in the marketplace. In terms of dev/test and deployment concepts, companies are bogged down by costly, time-consuming, and troublesome environments that can delay the development process.

Every business requires an ideal route to the cloud tailored to their needs. That said, how do you choose the right cloud provider? 

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Transform your Database Environment Using Oracle’s Cloud

For starters, it is essential to find a service that’s flexible enough to adapt to any possible requirements with the ability to grow alongside your business and ability to keep any form of data secure. Oracle DBaaS, allows you to organise database services in a less time than it currently takes now. DBaaS also supports dynamic workloads with minimal excess capacity, delivering real efficiency. So, how do you know if Oracle DBaaS is right for you?

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Make Enterprise Data Management Easy

Essentially, every business requires an ideal route to the cloud tailored to their needs. That said, how do you choose the right cloud provider? 

Oracle's DBaaS offers the opportunity to provision database services in a fraction of the time it currently takes now - the support to migrate dynamic workloads with least possible excess capacity restoring real efficiency.

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Oracle Cloud at Customer

Oracle Cloud at Customer enables you to deliver all of the innovations and benefits of Oracle’s public cloud services—agility, simplicity, performance, elastic scaling, and subscription pricing—behind the firewall in your data center.

With the subscription-based Oracle Cloud at Customer service, you have complete control over where you run your workloads.

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Migrate Applications at Your Own Pace

Thinking of migrating your applications to cloud? 

Understandably, every business will be different in terms of application migration. For some, the cost and disruption look prohibitive, while security is the main concern for others. With Oracle Cloud, you have the predictability of a cost-effective subscription model that enables you to "lift and shift" your applications to and from the cloud. No disruption, no hassle.

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Discover The Benefits of Migrating Your Oracle Database To Oracle’s Cloud

Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) continues to persist in giving companies a leading competitive edge. DBaaS is a cost-effective way to experiment with minimal disruption to your normal operations. When you move your databases to Oracle Cloud, you can show tangible benefits almost immediately. You'll also get access to advanced Oracle database technologies like super-fast in-memory analytics.

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You Need A Cloud Strategy?

Implementing the right cloud strategy means your investment in Big Data and Analytics will see more benefits at lower cost, giving your business the freedom to transform. 

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Security Obligations For Enterprises Using Cloud Services

Leveraging cloud technology enables your enterprise to be more agile and competitive while significantly reducing costs. However, there are risks associated with these benefits, especially since both cloud providers and organisations are responsible for data security in the cloud with the shared responsibility model.

It's not always easy determining who is responsible for what.

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Monitoring and Improving the Performance of Apps

Oracle Management Cloud allows developers to incorporate management telemetry early on in a project, rather than being a last-minute or late addition, for easy and continuous application monitoring. Meanwhile, Oracle’s performance methodology helps developers to pinpoint performance problems in your Oracle system.

This involves identifying bottlenecks and fixing them. The process of improving performance isn’t as simple as fixing one bottleneck and seeing an immediate fix in database issues. Performance improvement is iterative, because fixing one bottleneck may reveal another. Oracle makes it easy to locate bottlenecks and other problems, allowing applications to be debugged and made scalable.

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Connect and Extend Applications

Connect data, applications, and devices to make them pluggable and reusable. It’s no longer about building rigid point-to-point connections, but about building an enduring application network that allows reuse and self-service. This network needs to be able to adapt and expand as your business grows.

Boasting enterprise-grade connectivity, Oracle can help you design APIs for your services and validate them before you even build them.

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Transforming your Business with Big Data

Big data is a powerful tool for businesses as it enables significantly more accurate analytics for more confident decisions, better operational efficiency potential, and reduced costs and risk. With thorough and targeted analytics, big data has the power to help you transform the daily operations of your business and drive strategy.

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Visual Insights with Data Analytics

Data visualisation describes the presentation of abstract information in graphic form, allowing users to identify patterns, trends, and correlations that could go unnoticed in traditional reports, tables, or spreadsheets. Today’s businesses have access to a vast amount of data generated from both inside and outside the organisation. Data visualisation helps you make sense of it all. It enables you to look at data differently and generate true value.

Oracle’s Data Visualisation capabilities allow you to craft visual data stories and get instant clarity to improve your business. Oracle Data Visualisation gives you the best of both worlds: accurate, consistent analytics you can rely on and the ease-of-use and speed you need to change it.

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Big Data Analytics

The amount of business data that is generated has risen steadily every year and more and more types of information are being stored in digital formats. Big data analytics is changing the world and is in use throughout businesses and government. Top business performers are three times more likely to use analytics than low performers. For every $1 invested in analytics, businesses see $10.66 in value. Oracle can not only help businesses with analysing their data, but visualise that insight for greater understanding.

The challenge of Big Data is learning how to deal with all the new data types and determining which information can potentially provide value to your business. Oracle has three engineered systems that solve different parts of the big data problem. Each platform includes all the hardware and software necessary for extreme data processing. All components are pre-integrated and ready to deploy and operate. Oracle has done the hard work of tying these engineered systems together so that you can extract value from your data via an advanced big data platform with integrated analytics.

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Preventative Analytics with Database Managed Services

We have helped numerous companies to maximise uptime and consolidate resources, resulting in increased profitability and customer retention. Our continuous data analysis also provides accurate industry benchmarking, allowing businesses like yours assess their strategy.

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Disaster Recovery Calculator

We have created an easy to use downtime calculator to get a realist figure of how database downtime could affect your bottom line. It takes a few minutes and could show you the potential cost that your organisation will face if you do not have a disaster recovery procedure in place.

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Grow Your Travel and Transport Business

The ability to turn the data that flows through your business into actionable insight offers the change to have a 360 view of your customers. Cloud platforms and applications make it possible. Continue reading to see 5 ways data can help you grow your travel and transport business.

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Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c: More Benefits

Improve Performance and Lower Costs with Oracle Database 12c Storage Optimization. Store more data on less hardware and analyse it faster!

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7 Considerations When Migrating Oracle Databases to the Cloud

It's never been a better time to move to the cloud. Historically an Oracle database migration would take up to six weeks to complete, with new technologies it can now be achieved within less than a day. Discover the key considerations behind moving to the Cloud.

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Upgrade or Consolidate

Data platform consolidation is often overlooked because it just seems too difficult. It doesn’t have to be as our featured case study proves. dsp explores the next phase of datacentre consolidation; the database layer which can increase application resilience, deliver software licensing cost savings of up to 80% as well as greatly reducing administration overhead.

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Strategy vs Tactical IT

When it comes to considering long-term IT strategy, many managers and decision-makers find they simply don’t have the time they need. But what’s the answer, particularly when budgets and resources are tight? 

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Consolidation without Virtualising

Modern IT departments are coming under more pressure to deliver higher returns on investment from IT infrastructure, as well as showing an effort to become more environmentally friendly. “Consolidation” has become one of the keywords when striving to achieve these investments, with IT managers attempting to “make the most” of IT infrastructure – achieving the dream of “doing more with less”. Less hardware of course means less capital investment into said hardware. Continue reading to see the gainable benefits of server consolidation.

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