Oracle's Critical Patch Update January 2024

Ben Morris 17-Jan-2024 15:52:26

Every quarter, Oracle releases its highly anticipated Critical Patch Update (CPU) - a comprehensive package of fixes aimed at addressing a wide range of security vulnerabilities. These patches are designed to tackle potential threats lurking in Oracle's products, encompassing everything from code-related issues to third-party components. By regularly implementing these updates, you can effectively safeguard the security and stability of your Oracle technologies.

This quarter's update includes 389 new security patches across a range of Oracle products, as well as 257 particularly concerning vulnerabilities because they may be remotely exploitable without authentication (over a network without requiring user credentials to access); therefore, we strongly recommend customers to apply CPU fixes as soon as possible and prioritise these patches.


What should I do?

Below is a list of affected products and the number of identified vulnerabilities for each. If you use any of these products, you must take the necessary action to address the potential vulnerabilities in your estate. But don’t worry, DSP is here to help, customers frequently approach us at this time to utilise our Oracle Critical Patch Update Support Service to help stay on top of their patches. So, please get in touch if this is an area of concern for you.


List of Identified products and vulnerabilities

The number in bold = the number of security patches

The numbers in (brackets) = the number of vulnerabilities

While the sight of a lengthy list of vulnerabilities can be overwhelming, ensuring the security of your hardware and applications is crucial. Staying proactive and keeping up with Critical Patch Updates will help safeguard your environment. Here is the list for details on all the patches. Your system's safety is our priority.

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