Oracle Open World 2019 Blog 4: Session Picks - Security

Vic Milne 30-Aug-2019 15:56:08

OOW Session Picks:


At the beginning of September we will be undertaking a PaaS Security Webinar to explain all about the different security products, as well as use cases in the Oracle portfolio.  Cloud Security is a massive topic area and there are so many things you could look at, but we've picked a few we think could be especially useful.

With Cloud, security has moved from being something that sits on the perimeter to something that now needs to deal with SaaS, application context, hybrid Cloud, user identity…it’s no surprise that by 2021 they say there will be 3.5 million InfoSec roles within organisations.

If you’re heading to OOW there are lots of sessions around security. To help put them into context we have grouped them up to different areas.


Security of Identity

IDCS or ‘Identity Cloud Service’ is the service that can enable security of identity through centralised authentication and administration services.  Bring together AD and end user authentication for SaaS or on-premises applications by using IDCS.

CAS1696 Securing SaaS and On-Premise Applications with Oracle Identity Cloud
PRO4727 Cloud Identity: Securing Resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Security of Infrastructure

This is a topic which is probably more well known than the others.  Oracle Management Cloud provides a number of solutions for security of infrastructure (as well as other elements of security with its UEBA and SIEM Security Monitoring Analytics solutions).  It’s worth checking out these specific sessions, but also its broad range of capabilities.

CON5134 Best Practices for Monitoring Your Hybrid On-Premise and Cloud Environments
CON2123 CERN: Monitoring Infrastructure with Oracle Management Cloud

Security of Data

Yes, this is database security, and here are two sets of sessions which can help with that.  You can be looking at security of the service itself or security of the Oracle RDBMS; or in some cases the combined benefit of the two working together.

THT6129 Configuring Safe Database Management by Enforcing Separation of Duties
DEV4609 Developing Secure .NET Applications with Oracle Database
CON4346 Secure Mission-Critical Workloads in the Cloud
CON4801 Security Architecture for Oracle Database Cloud

For more about PaaS Security check out the DSP-Explorer landing page or sign up for our upcoming webinar!