Oracle Open World 2019 – Cloud Management Sessions


There are a lot of great sessions at Oracle Open World London and we thought we would compile a list of a few key sessions which seem interesting.  If you’re not already registered then the link is here, remember it’s FREE.

If you’re interested in some of our picks for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure then please take a look here:

Learn How Oracle CASB Has Helped Companies Make a Secure Transition to Cloud Services [SES1822-LON]

Oracle CASB Cloud Service: Secure Your Users and Cloud [DEM1537-LON]

Do you know what CASB is? Cloud Access Security Broker; basically it’s a tool that enables you to secure Cloud based applications like Office 365 or the AWS Management Console.  It works by gathering audit data through Rest APIs to the various Cloud applications.  A lot of Cloud security is based around the VMs or infrastructure but equally you should pay attention to the consoles which manage those infrastructure and applications.

Oracle Management Cloud Overview [DEM1543-LON]

Managing Oracle Database with Oracle Management Cloud [DEM1541-LON]

Managing Oracle Applications with Oracle Management Cloud [DEM1542-LON]

Oracle Management Cloud is a unified suite of infrastructure and cloud monitoring tools; there are a few sessions dedicated to demos around this; it’s definitely worth checking out to see it in action.  Ask them about ‘kill chain visualisation’ it’s really cool and something that is only really possible with Security Analytics.

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