Low Risk, High Performance

Referred to as an “always on” database system optimised for the world’s leading databases. The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) merges software and network resources to deliver solutions, operating constantly despite the case of component failure. This simple system can be formulated and regulated, achieving uninterrupted accessibility in the case of component failure. ODA aspires to meet all organisational needs that can preserve both database and application workloads, from single-instance appliances for reduced workloads to overly clustered high-availability appliances which have proven to be fairly risky by nature in the past.

ODA has been recognised as time and cost-effective, providing extra features to protect data. In addition, an extensive range of custom and packaged online transaction processing (OLTP), in-memory databases and data warehousing applications. Hardware and software components are engineered and supported by Oracle with teams working tirelessly to build resilience and robustness into the system minimising downtime. A DBA can deploy the whole high-availability system in little more than an hour ― and the management software monitors it to ensure everything’s working as it should. Oracle offers flexible database licensing to help minimise operational costs in relation to maintenance and support, producing a reliable and secure system with in-built automation and the preferred practices. ODA’s resilience and reliability makes it ideal for smaller companies as their main database system, as well as for remote offices or departments in larger enterprises. 

ODA.pngHow can my business benefit from the ODA?

  • Ease and speed of deployment
  • Oracle optimised performance
  • Relatively low-cost compared to alternative hardware options
  • Single vendor management and support route
  • Oracle Software Licensing consolidation options
  • Opportunity to upgrade processing power as business grows

How can dsp help you?

Here at DSP, we combine 20 years of Oracle core technology expertise to provide Oracle technical services such as deliver ODA installation, configuration and maintenance. We also offer commercial options to purchase the ODA systems as well as the accompanying Oracle Software and OS licensing requirements.