Enterprise Software will drive growth in 2014 IT Spending

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 17:15:52

Enterprise Software will drive growth in 2014 IT Spending

Gartner has released its global projections on IT Spending. Guess what topped the bill? Enterprise Software and Software Services…

Enterprise Software, including ERP, Supply Chain and CRM is predicted to increase by 6.8%, Investments in Analytics are also predicted to grow 10.6%.
The biggest growth are in the Enterprise Software space (6.8%) followed by IT Services (4.5%)

Reading between the lines, this marries up well with other analysts’ predictions:

- Enterprise Cloud is now seen as a viable option for core business apps – therefore infrastructure hardware sales will (eventually) stagnate

- C-Level posts such as CMOs (Marketing) and CDO (Chief Data Officers) are being created/becoming more prominent. Following in line with trends in the Big Data / Social / Analytics scenes

- As organisations farm out more services to 3rd parties (such as MSPs, Cloud Providers, Global Outsourcers), their IT departments will shrink, leaving the to focus more on business process improvements

- ERP Solutions such as Oracle E-Business Suite are beginning to offer extensions and modules to accommodate and Business Intelligence and Big Data (such as Oracle Endeca and Hyperion)

This is also reflected in dsp’s offerings and growth over the past 5 years. With on average 40% year on year growth, our biggest deals include Multi-year E-Business Suite global rollouts for some of the most prominent global enterprises.

Our Managed Service Practice has seen a significant growth in enquiries for E-Business Suite Support and Database Management.

And our Technology Practices have been busy creating DB-as-a-Service for Telcos, Freight Firms and modernising data platforms ready for new ERP or line of business applications.

For Gartner’s News release click here.