Convincing Management on a New ERP System

Jon Cowling 08-Feb-2016 15:10:46

Convincing Management on a New ERP System

Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems), such as Oracle E-Business Suite, have recently become more available and accessible. In the past few years the features have matured, removing the difficulties when selecting software, whilst becoming much easier systems to deploy and use. Also the options for delivery have grown beyond on premise software to great cost effective options such as Software as a Service (SaaS).

So whether you are struggling to support your old ERP solution, that has not kept up with the latest technologies, or you are looking to deploy an ERP solution for the first time, here are key points to consider when convincing management:

1. ERP systems are getting less expensive
- Vendors such as Oracle now offer solutions that can be tailored to the requirements to small and mid-sized companies and can meet the budget restraints. When partnered with cost saving solutions such as SaaS and cloud based, ERPs have become a lot more affordable.

2. Make your business run with increased efficiency
- An ERP system will integrate all your business critical functions to allow them to operate more efficiently, with integrations between financial applications, supply chain and HR to give extensive up-to-date real time data.

3. Easier to use and manage
- Systems have been improved and are now much easier to use with interfaces that guide users through the systems, added functionality and job based access allowing employees to see and access the information they need for their roles.

4. Built in integration tools
- A lot of the new ERP systems all feature integrations that make it easier to work with partners and colleagues, some even allow collaboration with non- ERP software such as emails.

5. ERP systems on the move
- ERP systems including Oracle E-Business Suite are now accessible from mobile devices with specialist apps allowing employees to access the data and information they need whilst on the move.