Big Data = Massive Opportunities, find out more here

Jon Cowling 05-Feb-2016 16:53:04

Big Data = Massive Opportunities, find out more here

Crime prediction before it happens. City traders generating exceptional results with maths. Astronomers cataloguing the entire cosmos. All very different goals being achieved using one common source of intelligence - Big data!

A recent BBC documentary highlighted the opportunities that lie in big data.The concept is becoming more and more irresistible for companies and organisations, not least because of the ever-increasing volume of data they have to manage and the knowledge that some of the biggest opportunities lie in capitalising on this.

Not only is data more and more gathered, collected data is more and more analysed. The challenge of managing all the resultant data sets is getting larger for DBAs. The proliferation of social media, mobile phone calls, weather sensors, traffic monitoring etc. is building an ever-higher mountain of unstructured data.

The ever-expanding data explosion brings continual challenges to Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server DBAs, database architects and software developers, in terms of administration, monitoring, back-up, licensing and warehousing. Mixed Oracle and Microsoft database estates address these challenges by leveraging the features from both to align day-to-day operations, resulting in sustained time savings which deliver real financial benefits. These benefits include:

  • Lower training costs
  • Better employee productivity
  • Less hardware investment
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Quicker resolution of problems