APEX 20.2 Hidden Gems

Lee Burgess Nov 30, 2020 10:24:00 AM
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Most of the headlines from the latest release will (quite rightly) be focussed on some great new features like the new Card Region, Report Printing enhancements, REST Data Synchronization, Automations and improvements to Faceted Search to name but a few.

But when you dig a bit deeper, there are some other new features that definitely deserve your attention. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few of these.

New Code Editor

The code editor in 20.2 has been given a serious overhaul. It is now powered by the excellent Monaco editor (as used by VS Code).

We now have:

  • Enhanced (context aware) code completion

Oracle APEX 20.2 New Code Editor

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Greater accessibility
  • Time-saving shortcuts

You can view all the shortcuts and other features of the Monaco editor here, alternatively just press F1 to view the command palette:

Oracle APEX 20.2 Shortcuts

A few of my most used shortcuts:

Copy Down < shift > + < alt > + < arrow down >

Oracle APEX 20.2 Shortcut 1

Multiple Cursors < alt > + < mouse click >

Oracle APEX 20.2 Shortcut 2

Comment individual/multiple selected lines < ctrl > + < / >

Oracle APEX 20.2 Shortcut 3

Move individual/multiple selected lines < alt > + < arrow up/down >

Oracle APEX 20.2 Shortcut 4

Embedded Code

Accessed via Application -> Utilities -> Embedded Code this handy feature allows you to review all code stored in your application in one place. Using faceted search you can filter on language, scope and component type.

Oracle APEX 20.2 Embedded Code

I can see this being heavily utilised for code reviews and also with the capability to download the files (or export using the APEXExport utility) you can easily perform a security assessment using an external 3rd party tool.

New Checkbox Item

This is a welcome addition for use in page items, creating a simple individual checkbox with a checked return value of ‘Y’.

A more compelling use of the new item is in an IG. You can now set a column type to Checkbox

Oracle APEX 20.2 Checkbox Item

I think this is another positive step towards the ever-improving Interactive Grid UX.

In conclusion, I think for a minor release we would have been satisfied with the features I’ve mentioned. The fact that the headlines have been grabbed elsewhere shows the strength of the 20.2 release.

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Author: Lee Burgess

Job Title: Oracle Development Consultant

Bio: Lee is a Development Consultant at DSP-Explorer. After a change of career, he began working with Oracle Technologies and specialising in SQL and PL/SQL Programming. His previous role involved developing an Enterprise application using APEX, and since then has never looked back. Here at DSP-Explorer he is part of a highly skilled development team providing APEX development solutions and training to both UK and international businesses.