Choose the Best Database Cloud

Oracle Database Cloud offers the speed, flexibility, and low costs you need to get the most from your data - and we have the proof points to show it. 

Choosing to run your database in the cloud is one thing. Knowing which database cloud to choose presents and entirely different set of challenges - especially with so many big names in the market.

Read the infographic, 5 Ways to Choose the Best Database Cloud, to discover how Oracle outperforms AWS where it counts.

Learn how you can:
  • Run analytics queries 105x faster than with Amazon Redshift
  • Pay less to support mission-critical workloads and small and mid-sized apps
  • Run your Oracle Database anywhere you choose - even in Amazon cloud

Discover the 5 big reasons to choose Oracle Database Cloud.


DB Cloud360° is the best way to price, migrate and support your databases in Oracle Cloud.